What is the service life of a roll roof?

The average service life of asphalt roller roofs is 5-10 years. With proper maintenance, you can expect to get the maximum life out of your rolled asphalt roof. Rolled roof systems have a life expectancy of 15 years. Signs of deterioration will be noticeable 5 years after installation.

This is expected from a single-layer roofing system that has a lower life expectancy than asphalt shingles. Rolled roofs are more delicate than shingles, they are usually not used for main structures. This makes roll roofing one of the cheapest roofing materials on the market. The average service life of asphalt roller roofs is only 5-10 years.

Also known as roll roofing with mineral surface, this type of material is a popular choice for flat roofing. Some homeowners choose to build the roof over a garage, an addition or a terrace with a minimal slope so that they can use the space for storage, outdoor activities or equipment installation. Asphalt shingles are not suitable for flat roofs, but rolled roofs are available in many colors that will match the color of the shingles of the rest of the house. Roll roof is the cheapest type of roof covering commonly used in central Texas.

It also has the shortest life. Most roll roofs need to be replaced within eight years, and it's not uncommon for them to require replacement in as little as five years. I would not recommend using MSR rolled roofing for the entire roof of a house, it is not as durable as traditional asphalt shingles. Poor attic ventilation is also one of the most common causes of roof failure before they reach their expected full service life.

MSR laminated ceilings are thinner, larger, cheaper, less durable and installed horizontally in long strips. While the cost of roll roofs is a big plus when compared to asphalt shingles and can make it very tempting for you to jump at this point, however, consider the service life as well before deciding. The reason why most people opt for roll roofs over shingles when it comes to low flat roofs is primarily the cost. Flat roofs are available in rolls, which may make you think their application is easy, but handling them can be quite difficult.

Since you cannot use an average lifespan for all roofs equally, you should look at all the details of your specific roof to determine its service life. If roof damage occurs, you can extend the life of the roof by fixing those smaller problems quickly and correctly. As explained above, each roll roof is made of different materials, which makes some less durable and others highly durable. A known drawback of rolled roofs is that the granular coating will eventually break and wrinkle over time.

One of the great things about roll roofs is that it is a low-cost option that you can use in small areas, such as sheds, garages, and flat roofs. There are different types of roll roofs that you can use depending on the square foot you are trying to cover and the climate in your area. For example, the average life of a roof in Florida can differ greatly from the average life of a roof in Nebraska, even if both roofs are made from the same materials. With professional care and regular maintenance, the average service life of a wooden tile roof is 30-35 years.

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